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Hairy advice for balding men

Hairy advice for balding men

Some books you hate.

Some books you love.

And others you can't stand, but with time come to appreciate.

One of such books is Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power.

The first time I read it, I was young and naive, and the book had the moral klaxon in my brain a' screeching.

But years being exposed to the real world has proved Greene wise.

For example, rule #30:

"Make Your Accomplishments Seem Effortless"

Yes, people doff their hats to those who work hard.

But people hold in awe those who make a hard thing look effortless.

For example, shaving your head.

The bald men you respect and admire probably don't natter on about how hard it is being bald.

Most likely, because they've grown to like it.

And they've grown to own it.

And it's now their "thing".

However, many of them probably weren't thrilled at the thought of losing their hair at the time.

And probably fought tooth and nail to keep it.

They won't tell you that, of course

And for good reason.

Because being bald and owning it comes off as cool.

Shaving your head and crying about it? Not so.

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