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'The Transporter' vs. a Feminist

'The Transporter' vs. a Feminist

Here's something smirk-worthy:

The other day, I had an amusing argument with a feminist.

Who was lecturing me about how men should become more emotional and sensitive...

.... despite the fact that the man she loves and has dated for years is strong, powerful and as far from a cumbayah type as Don Corleone is from selling cupcakes at Greggs.

So I, unwisely, wade in, pointing out how men who are respected by other men and adored by women all have their "sht" together.

And that to have one's "sht" together, one can't look for a shoulder to cry on every time the going gets tough.

I list off men in movies who demonstrate my point.

"Bruce Wayne, Frank in The Transporter—..."

"—the Transporter does NOT have his sht together!", she blurts out.

I stare back at her, dumbfounded, whether there's any point in continuing the conversation.

"He earns bank.....He has a nice house in France.... Keeps himself in impeccable shape.... Plans for every eventuality.... Even has an escape route and a boat packed with guns if things get hot.... Strictly follows his own set of rules to avoid failure, that amateurs don't have the discipline to follow..... Ridiculous fighting skills.... And in incredible shape....

Where exactly does Frank not have his "sht" together?"

To which she cries out,


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