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He who's all smiles, no eyebrow

He who's all smiles, no eyebrow

The other day I came across one of the best ads I've ever seen.

It was for a dentist.

And the ad features a photo of a guy, who's giving you a toothy smile, with one of his teeth missing.

The caption:

"Why is dentistry so important?"

"Because even though he's missing an eyebrow, the first thing you notice is his smile!"

Then you look back up at the photo

And realize that yes, you totally just missed that he only has one eyebrow!

Why am I bringing this up?

Because IMHO, there's a similar effect going on when it comes to deciding whether to shave your head or not.

People who are losing their hair think shaving's a huge deal...

And that being bald will be a deal breaker when it comes to dating, what people think of them etc.

Yet, thinking of famous men like:

Joe Rogan...

Bruce Willis...

Jason Statham..

The Rock....

Samuel L. Jackson...

In my head, I don't think "bald"...

.... I think tough, successful, getting after it, on a mission.

And unlike not having an eyebrow...

Where one would obviously look better having two eyebrows rather than one..

There's a bald "look" that makes men distinctly bad ass.

(Interesting how bald men in Hollywood are always the masculine, no-messin' types)

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