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The penniless bum who made 10 billion in shoe money

The penniless bum who made 10 billion in shoe money

A man with millions of cult-like followers...

Who I believe should be tried for crimes against humanity for making 'selfies' a thing...

But who I grudgingly respect....

(He did make billions of dollars after all) Apple-founder, Steve Jobs.

Now, I'm no Apple guy.

And although this will probably piss a few of you off...

Frankly, I find the "I'm-so-smart" simplicity of Apple devices condescending.

But hey.

You've got to hand it to the man:

He created maybe the most iconic company in the world.

And even more so, because he wasn't exactly a titan of industry as a teenager.

See, back in the dog days before Apple...

Steve Jobs was basically a bum / broke bohemian, depending on which way you look at it.

Walking around Palo Alto in bare foot, scrounging meals at the local Hare Krishna temple, smoking weed...

And so broke he couldn't find two nickels to rub together.

Fast-forward 36 years later, and he's got a cool $10 bil in the bank. 

That's a lot of shoe money.

So what happened?

What led to the man's success?

Probably many things.

But the one I want to talk about today is what I call...

'Saving your Decision Juice'.

See, Jobs was famous for wearing the same turtleneck and trousers every day.

(His wardrobe was apparently just hundreds of identical turtlenecks & trousers.)

And although it probably pissed his wife off to no end...

It was one less decision that Steve had to spend willpower on everyday.

Giving him an extra spurt of mental power to improve his life... or in this case, build a phone enslaving teenagers the world over.

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