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What no man worth his salt should be doing

What no man worth his salt should be doing

To go from point A to point B...

The first thing you need is the right map.

Unfortunately, the modern world is filled with entities - particularly marketers and corporations - only too happy to feed you the wrong map of cushy lies in the name of lining their own pockets.

A book that'll violently "unplug" you from said lies....

And put the right map back in your hands...

Is The Unplugged Alpha by Rich Cooper.

(Who happens to be bald btw).

It's a goldmine of practical information for anyone wanting to "make their dent in the universe".

Take Chapter 9.


"Manage The F--ks You Give".

The message is pretty simple.

Like your HP bar in Mortal Kombat, your F--cks are finite.

So guard 'em carefully...

And only spend them when something is actually F--ckworthy.

I.e things that make your life better.

The problem is..

The world nowadays is a very distracting place.

Not only are there the classic headaches...

Like your boss giving you BS and your girl throwing a tantrum...

But technology has spawned virtual "crack", in the form of Fakebook, video games and porn.

Everything is designed (and incentivised) to suck away your attention.

Even this very email!

(Though I'd like to think I'm giving more than I'm taking ;) )

And worse still, the more valuable your attention, the hungrier the thieves get.

As a man, your first job is to corral your F--cks.

As Dandapani says, "you can't do anything without focus.

Focus is the foundation to achievement."

Whether that be making gainz at the gym, reading books or mastering a skill to pay the bills.

Manage your F--cks very carefully.

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