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Where unshakeable confidence comes from

Where unshakeable confidence comes from

One of the greatest documentaries/movies in MMA history has to be Lokation.

It's an epic, fan-made documentary...

About the saga between Khabib Nurmagomedov...

And maybe the greatest trash talker & seller-of-fights of all time / simultaneous champ in two different weight classes, Conor McGregor.

It starts with the meteoric rise of McGregor.

Which leads to the famous "money fight" against Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring.

And as I was watching McGregor insult Mayweather in the press conferences....

I couldn't help but notice how unfazed Mayweather was by Conor's trash talk.

And exactly like with Khabib...

Conor's trash talk might've even back fired.

Take the final press conference before the fight.

Conor is running his mouth...

Yet Floyd is pure class - totally calm and collected.

And it got me thinking...

Why is that trash talk gets under some people's skin...

But not others?

And the conclusion I've come to:

Something along the lines of a Jocko Willink quote:

"When you know you're tough... you don't need to worry about acting tough."

In other words...

Khabib & Mayweather are unfazed...

Because they know with 100% certainty they can deal with the bite behind the bark.

Something which, in my opinion...

Gives bald guys a huge advantage over other guys.

The guy with hair can lean on his pretty-boy curls...

Wasting a whole lot of time & energy building his image around it.

But ultimately, he's building a foundation on sand.

The man without hair?

Has no such crutch.

And is often forced to develop the underlying skills that lead to unwavering confidence in the first place.

Just my two cents.

Speaking of Mayweather...

Another thing that's hard to miss is how the smoothness outside the ring matches his smoothness in it.

Smooth clothes. Smooth cars. Smooth talk.

The consummate smooth operator.

And perhaps, a man who'd appreciate our brand new solution to the final 0.5mm of stubble left by our electric headshavers:

The Skull Glider Stealth Manual Razor.

Unlike a regular razor...

Its pivoted head lets it glide over the contours of your head..

Making quick work of any hair daring to pipe up in the way of your being smooth.

Alas, there's still no "Money Mayweather" option with 10-carat diamonds in the handle.

So if you're interested, this one in stealth black will have to do.

Click the link below to get your mitts on yours.

Unfazeable confidence, gents, comes from undeniable competence.

Stay Sharp


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